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Our sermon section covers a variety of biblical verses and topics to encourage and challenge us.  Looking for a particular topic or title?  Use a keyword, title or bible verse in our search engine or click Control plus the F key to search our system!
October 25, 2020- The Ark of the Covenant

God Almighty is everywhere. He is the All in All. Why then would He ask the newly freed Israelites to make Him an Ark to represent His presence? Could it be He wanted His people to be assured of His continuous oversight and interest? Could it have been a reminder that His holiness was to be their constant consideration? Could it represent His eternal love for His people?

Learn more about this Ark in this week's sermon, The Ark of the Covenant.

Please review Exodus 25:10-22 before listening.

October 18, 2020-A Tent in the Wilderness

God wants to be known by His people.  He deserves and arranged to be in the midst of those He loves and has chosen.  In the Old Testament, He called His people, Israel, to build a tabernacle in the middle of their encampment so that God could "tabernacle" or reside in the midst of them.  

Today, because of Jesus, God "tabernacles" within the hearts of those who follow Jesus Christ.  He is able to do this because through the blood of Christ, we have been made holy.  The Holy Spirit can and does therefore reside within the believer and sits on the throne of our lives to guide, care for and direct us according to His glory. Do you know Jesus?  Are you a follower and a lover of Jesus Christ?  If you are, Christ "tabernacles" with you and will throughout eternity.  Learn more about God's "tenting" with His people in today's sermon, "A Tent in the Wilderness."  Please review Exodus 25:8-9 before listening.

October 11, 2020-Giving for the Tabernacle

The blessing of being a believer is that we can give of what God has given us.  What God has given us is everything we are, have, will have and will be.  We can afford to give some of the great riches God has given us.  But do we have a right perspective of what we have?  Do we trust God to care for us?  Do we think what we have is ours or do we believe the truth of His word, that we are stewards, entrusted with His riches to honor His name?  

Learn more about God's resources and how we are to seek His will regarding them in this week's sermon, "Giving for the Tabernacle."  Review Exodus 25:1-7 before listening.  

October 4, 2020- A House for God

Why did God want the Israelites to build a temple for Him?  God has cattle on a thousand hills.  He owns the universe and heavens.  Every star was made by His own hand. 

His reason for having Israel built a temple was to symbolize His eternal presence among them.  He promised to dwell among them and wanted a structure in the center of their camp that gave them just a taste of His magnificence.  

Learn more about God's temple in this week's sermon, "A House for God."  Please review Exodus 25 before listening.

September 27, 2020-The Cross Speaks

What is the purpose of Communion?  Why does Jesus consider this remembrance so important?  Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant, bringing those who follow Him into the throne of the living God.  Jesus wants us to understand all that He has done in dying for our sins and rising again.  Learn more about Communion and what we are really being called to remember in this week's sermon, "The Cross Speaks."

Please review to Hebrews 12:22-24 before listening.  

September 20, 2020-Peter's Confession of Faith

There are a lot of ideas about who Jesus is.  Some say he is a good man.  Some believe he is one of the prophets.  Many herald him as a great humanitarian.  Others called him crazy.  We have a lot of ideas about Jesus but who is He really?  Who does the bible, God's own word, say Jesus is?  Do we believe in the biblical Jesus Christ?  What does it mean if we do or don't? 

Let's dive into that question in today's sermon, "Peter's Confession of Faith."  Please review Matthew 16:13-20 before listening.

September 13, 2020-Get Rid of the Yeast

In Christ, we are made holy through His blood. God sees us as redeemed and calls us to Himself as His own. Yet, we still struggle with sin. God is committed to recreating us in the image of His son. To this end, He first shows us our sin then works in us to change our minds about it.

Has God shown you an area of sin He wants to work on? What has been your response? It is not God's way to give up so once He has opened our eyes, He will continue to point out what can not remain as part of a believer's way of life.

Learn more about the yeast in our lives and how God combats it in today's sermon, "Get Rid of the Yeast."

September 6, 2020-I believe in the Resurrection and the Life Everlasting

Eternity.  Do you believe in it?  Most people have an idea of an 'afterlife' but is every opinion equal.  Can every view of heaven be true?   The bible says that eternal life is only accessible by repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as our savior from the consequences of our sin.  That consequence is hell, including eternal separation from God the father. 

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again to join God the father in heaven.  Only through Christ's sacrifice, can God accept us.  Do you believe that?  

Let's learn more about Christ's death, resurrection and the eternal life His death provides in this week's sermon, "I believe in the Resurrection and the Life Eternal.  Please review I Corinthians 15:42-54 before listening.  

August 30, 2020-I believe in the Forgiveness of Sins

God's offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ may seem easy to accept but it was never easy to provide. 

Jesus, 100% God, left heaven, a place of perfection, glory and holiness to become 100% man as well.  He was born, grew up and lived in a sinful world, experienced human difficulties and struggles.  He then paid for our sins by dying on the cross in our place.  God's forgiveness may seem so simple to receive but it was never simple to provide.

We continue in our series "What Must a Christian Believe" with this week's sermon, "I believe in the Forgiveness of Sins" and learn more. 

Please review Psalm 103: 1-4; 8-12 before listening.  

August 23, 2020-I Believe a Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints

As Christ's children, we are not called to walk alone.  We called to walk with Jesus and His body.  The body of Christ are believers who have also been called to praise, honor and serve Jesus, mind, body and soul.  The local body of Christ as well as believers all over the world are our family; redeemed to walk in unity, loving, caring, encouraging and uplifting each other in this battle against evil and for the glory of God.

Learn more about God's purposes and plans for His bride, the family of God in this week's sermon, “I Believe a Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints.”  Please review John 10:14-16, 27-30 before listening.  

August 16, 2020-I believe in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, that still, small voice who wields power like a mighty wind.  When we come to Christ, the Holy Spirit moves into our souls.  He is the third person of the Godhead, equal in authority with God the Father and Jesus Christ.  He convicts our souls of sin.  He guides us through the Scriptures, opening our minds to God's truth.  Yet He is the one we generally know the least about.  What exactly is the Holy Spirit's ministry?  What are His character and concerns?  Just who is this Holy Spirit and how does He relate to the believing heart?

Learn more about the Holy Spirit in our sermon this week, “I believe in the Holy Spirit.”