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Our sermon section covers a variety of biblical verses and topics to encourage and challenge us.  Looking for a particular topic or title?  Use a keyword, title or bible verse in our search engine or click Control plus the F key to search our system!
May 29th, 2022-The Fellowship We Find

In Christ, we are truly brothers and sisters. The blood of Christ covers us and through Him, we have been grafted into Him, the Vine. What does it really mean to walk as His body?

Let's learn more about Christ's people and how we as believers reflect the love for one another in this week's sermon, "The Fellowship We Find."

Please review Romans 14-16 before watching our new Livestream!

May 22nd, 2022-The Path We Follow

As believers, what is our identity? Do we live as Christ's siblings, following and reflecting Him? Do we live as those who serve Christ as our Master and King? Or is salvation nothing more than fire insurance to us? Do we fight the good fight of faith according to the Bible or do we let the word dictate our battle strategies and grounds?

Let's learn more about our lives as Christ's children, servants, and soldiers in this week's sermon, "The Path We Follow." Please review Romans 12: 1-8 before listening.

May 15th, 2022-The Story We've Joined

Our lives are full of stories. Some are fun. Some tragic. Some are ironic. Some may even be deadly. Whatever our stories, they are unique because we are in them. Our life is a story written by the hand of God.

When Christ enters our story, everything changes, including the ending. Of course, God knew that would be the case. He knew that our lives in Christ would forever move us unto Christ's path and graft us into His family. As believers, the story we've joined is an amazing and eternal one.

Learn more about God's grace and our lives as a result of it in this week's sermon, "The Story We've Joined." Please review Romans 10:1-13 before listening.

May 8th, 2022-The Battle We Fight

Remember that extra cookie at midnight? That extra woman at the employee Christmas party? That new opportunity just this side of shady? That new movie on bootleg DVD? Even as believers, we face temptations daily. Sin is always knocking at our door. Sometimes we ignore it. Sometimes it steps right in. How can we, as believers, stand in the face of such a powerful enemy when that enemy saturates our souls?

Learn more about the power of Christ over our daily sin struggles in this week's sermon, "The Battle We Fight." Please review Romans 7-8 before listening.

May 1st, 2022-The Gift We Have Been Given

What is eternal salvation? What has Christ really done for us? The Bible teaches salvation is a gift to those who will accept it? How could something so valuable be free? Do we continue to rest in the hope that we've done enough good to outweigh the bad? Does Christ grade on a curve or does He grade at all?

Learn more about God's grace and mercy and what Christ's death and resurrection offer each one of us in this week's sermon, "The Gift We've Been Given."

Please review Romans 3:21-26 before listening.

April 17, 2022-Something is Missing at Easter

Jesus promised He would rise from the dead in three days.  Do we believe Him?  Even as believers, do we trust God's word?  Learn more about Christ's resurrection and what trusting Him really means in this week's sermon, "Something is Missing at Easter."  Please review Luke 24:1-12 before listening.  

April 10, 2022-The Return of the King

What is your view of Christ's return?  Do you think His return will right all political wrongs?  All social wrongs?  Do you think His return will signal a time of judgment to determine who goes to heaven and who doesn't?  What are you striving for in this world and how closely do your strivings match Christ's purposes according to His Word, the bible?

Let's closely examine Christ's reason for entering this world the first time, His work here on earth and His expected return in this week's sermon, "The Return of the King."  What kind of king are you expecting and how does that reflect on your understanding of who Christ is and who you are as His servant, child, and heir.  

Please review Zechariah 9:9-11 and Matthew 21: 1-17 before listening.  

March 27th, 2022-The Uniqueness of Christ

Whether we view God as a distant, angry, harsh God or a distant, non-judgmental, accepting God, most of us see Him as distant. This is not true.

God is personal. He wants to love and cuddle us. He wants to commune with us and provided His word to introduce Himself. He wants to carry us through every joy, trial, trauma, and celebration. He is an up-close God.

In this way, our God is unique. No other "god" makes Himself the center of His plan to save us. Others give advice on how we can drag ourselves to the heights of holiness. Our God does the climbing. Jesus did the heavy work by dying in our place. All we're asked to do is recognize our sinfulness, repent and turn to Christ as Lord and Savior. What a mighty God we serve!

Learn more in this week's sermon, "The Uniqueness of Christ." Joining us today is Pastor James Arthur Kostelyk to deliver this message.


Please review Colossians 1:15-23 before listening.

March 20th, 2022-God, the Great Gardener

I love gardens and, for many years, had one of my own. Gardening season is year-round. It does not just start when plants sprout. A good gardener has a year-round plan. A great gardener has a plan for the life of the crop, generation after generation. Great gardeners prepare the ground to receive the seeds when it is at its best for the seeds' best growth, wait while the land lays fallow for winter snow and frost to encourage germinating seeds, and fight for those seeds against vermin and disease, even before their tender limbs venture above ground. Gardening is a year-round proposition, fraught with known and unknown competitors and dangers. Great gardeners are very aware of the difficulties but their vision of a healthy crop rises above this.

God is the great gardener. He not only plans for his crop but works diligently with each seed as it falls to make sure the ground is ready and the conditions lead to a plant that produces over and over again. We are His crop. We are His. Who are we producing?

Learn more about God's garden and the plants in it in this week's sermon, "God, the Great Gardener."

Please review Mark 4:21-34 before listening.

March 13th, 2022-Hear the Word of the Lord

In this noisy world, can we hear Christ's holy word? Can we focus our minds in the quiet of the morning to hear His gentle voice? Can we commit to obeying the word we hear and following the One who speaks?

He is the Alpha and the Omega. His word is our beacon of light in an increasingly dark world. Learn more about tuning our minds to hear Shepherd's voice in this week's sermon, Hear the Word of the Lord.

Please review Mark 4:1-20 before listening.

February 27th, 2022-Lord of the Sabboth

Jesus is Lord of all, including the Sabboth. What does it mean to be Lord of the Sabboth? How does Jesus describe Himself in His lordship and governance over this sacred time of worship and remembrance? What does He expect of His people during this day?

Learn more about Jesus and His purposes in this week's sermon, "Lord of the Sabboth." Please review Mark 2:18-3:6 before listening.

February 13th, 2022-Jesus Came To Save

Jesus. What do we really know about Him? Actually, quite a lot. We know Jesus was born to a carpenter and his wife in a manger in Bethlehem, grow up in a working-class town called Nazareth, and was so poor, his family had to buy birds for their annual sacrifice.

We know He was favored by God, grieved over John the Baptist's death, healed bodies and souls throughout Judea, and challenged the powerful yet corrupt religious authority. We know He had a large following of the "poor and uneducated" although many of his followers were rich, powerful people. But what was His ultimate goal? Why did He enter this world? Why did God send His only begotten Son?

Learn more about the Man/God, Jesus in this week's sermon, "Jesus Came To Save." Please review Mark 1:16-39 before listening.

February 6th, 2022-Introducing Jesus

Remember that old saying, "First Impressions set the tone."   The book of Mark gives us our first impression of Jesus; who he is and why he came.  He starts by taking us back to the Old Testament to remind us of the promised Messiah and point to Jesus as that Chosen One.  What is your impression of Jesus?  Who do you think He is?  

Learn more about Jesus in this week's sermon,  "Introducing Jesus."  Please review Mark 1: 1-15 before listening.

January 30th, 2022-Blessed is the Man

What makes a person righteous? Is it hard work and focus? Is it "to the manor born"? Is it country, race, and creed? What does our God say about righteousness, through whom we receive it, and what it looks like in a person's day-to-day living?

Let's explore God's view of righteousness in today's sermon, "Blessed is the Man."

Please review Psalm 1 before listening.

January 16, 2022-Known By God

As of 2022, there are an estimated 7.753 billion people worldwide. Different nations, ethnicities, languages, and creeds spread across the planet.  With all of these people, what makes any of us unique?

We are unique because we are known by God.  Christ sees each of us. He knows our lying down and getting up.  He knew His plans for us before our days began and numbered each hair on our heads.  

God has made and cares for His creation, man.  What does that really mean and how does God expect us to respond?

Learn more in this week's sermon, "Known by God." Please review Psalm 139 before listening.

January 9th, 2022-Workers Approved by God

What characteristics is God looking for in those in His service?  How do we meet His approval?  Can we ever really be approved of a Holy God? 

Learn more about God's preparation to do His work in this week's sermon, "Workers Approved by God."  Please review II Timothy 2 before listening.  

January 2nd, 2022- The Story of NOT You and Goliath

When we study the Scriptures, how often we put ourselves in the hero's role; those who are courageous, fearful, and filled with the Spirit. We never picture ourselves as Abraham when he lied or a drunken Noah. We see ourselves as the emboldened David but can we imagine the cowardly army led by a shivering King, who allowed a teenage boy to confront his enemy for him?

Most often, we are not David. We are the ones who are faithless, fraudulent, fearful, and dismayed. Knowing this, how can we go on?

Check out today's sermon, "The Story of Not You and Goliath" to learn more. Let's welcome the James Kostelyk family as Pastor James walks us through the valley of humility to better recognize God's shining truths.

Please review 1 Samuel 17: 1-11, 16 , 22-27, 41-53 before listening.

December 26, 2021-Preparing the Way

Join us for a magnificent journey!  Christ's birth is the beginning of eternal rest and joy for whosoever will.  Learn more about the foretelling of His birth and that day on which our Savior was born into this world in this week's Christmas program, "Preparing the Way."  

Please review Luke 1-2 before listening.  

December 19th, 2021-Advent Love: A Holy One Among Us

It is love that brought Jesus to this earth to die for our sins. Our God is a holy God but He dearly loves us. This love was the basis for His plan to offer us eternal life through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus.

Learn more about our God's deep and abiding love and what He gave up to make a way for us in this week's sermon, "Advent Love: A Holy One Among You."

Please review Hosea 11 before listening.

Dec 12th, 2021-Advent Love: A Mighty Savior

Sermon of the Week: A Mighty Savior


El-Gibbor, A Heroic God! Our God is strong, mighty, all-powerful, and jealous for our love. He does all that needs to be done to draw us near and keep us as His own. He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins. Our sins! What a testimony to God's deep, heroic love for us.

Learn more about El-Gibbor in this week's sermon, "A Mighty Savior." This is the third message in our Advent Series.

Please review Zephaniah 1-3 before listening. Our focus verse is Zephaniah 3:14-17.

December 5th, 2021-A Shepherd from Bethlehem

Let's learn more about Jesus's birth, life, and His mission to bring peace to the world in this week's sermon, "Shepherd from Bethlehem."

Please review Malachi 3-5, focusing on Malachi 5:1-5, before listening.

November 28, 2021- A Promised Messenger

The believer's hope is not just in Christ's spilled blood for our salvation, but that He will return to us.  He is not only the Lord over death but over eternal life.  We are waiting for our Savior to take us with Him to an eternity of peace and rest.  

Learn more about Christ's return in this week's Advent message, "The Promised Messenger."  Please review Malachi 1-3 before listening.  

November 21, 2021-A Godly Contentment

What is contentment?  Why does God challenge us in ways that produce humility, submission, and thankful hearts?  Why is it important ofr us to be able to praise the Lord whatever the situation?  Learn more about the power and joy of Godly Contentment in this week's sermon, "A Godly Contentment."  Please review Philippians 4:10-22 before listening.  

A Thankful Response
November 14, 2021-A Community of Peace
November 7th, 2021-Answering the Upward Call

In a nation filled with loyalists, to whom do your loyalties lie?  Are you a Christian according to the biblical description or are you a poser, calling yourself a Christian yet relying on everything but Jesus Christ?  This is an important question since it determines whether we are heading for heaven or hell.

Are you a Christian and if so, who are you following?  If you belong to Christ, what is your focus?  Learn more about these questions and how you might answer them in this week's sermon, "Answering the Upward Call."  

Please review Philippians 3:12-4:1 before listening.  

October 24th, 2021-Losing Ourselves in Christ

Why did the Holy Spirit draw one such as us; godless sinners with no interest in serving God? Why did Jesus save us; ones who will never deserve the riches of His glory?   Because God is gracious and merciful. He gives us salvation through the blood of His son and forgives our sins when we have no reason to expect such favor. But now that we know Him, what is our fate?

We are to lose ourselves in Jesus. What does that entail? How are we to start? What will motivate us to give more and more of our hearts to Him?

Check out this week's sermon, "Losing Ourselves in Christ" to learn more about what it means to be "made to praise the Lord" and "decreasing so He may increase."

Please review Philippians 3:1-11 before listening.

October 17, 2021-Shining Like Stars in the Universe

Our life with Christ is a long distance run, not a sprint. It is a day to day resting in His arms, sitting before His throne and following His lead as Teacher, Master, Brother and Friend.

His role is all in all. Ours; submission, commitment and trust. It's not an easy road but there is joy in the morning. Let's learn more about our life with Christ in today's sermon, "Shining Like Stars in the Universe."

Please review Philippians 2:12-18 before listening.

October 10th, 2021-A Motivation for Unity

What is a "Christ" hymn?  It is a praise to Jesus for what he has done.  Why do we praise Jesus Christ for what he has done?  Are we clear about what we have received as saved people?  Aside from our great salvation, Christ has bound us together as brothers and sisters.  We walk to gather, shining the light of Christ.  This is very different from the world around us, in which people fight for their position as higher than others and step on each other to get to the top.  As believers, we humble ourselves as Christ brings us to higher ground through His love.

What is your "Christ" hymn?  What are your reasons for praising the Lord?  What is your relationship to other believers and how is that blessing your relationship with Jesus Christ?  Let's explore the subject of joy-filled unity in the body in today's sermon, "A Motivation for Unity. 

Please review Philippians 2:1-11 before listening.

October 3, 2021-Christ Our Hope in Life and in Death

According to Philippians 1:21,  "To live is Christ; to die is gain.:"  Do you believe that?  Do you believe that our life in Christ is ministry that He has ordained and our purpose is to serve Him until, finally, we meet Him on high?  It's quite a toss-up; to live to disciple and encourage others in the name of Jesus Christ or to stand before Him in eternal service and bliss.  What a choice!  

Learn more about the believer's life and death dilemma in this week's sermon, Christ Our Hope in Life and Death."  Please review Philippians 1:18b-26 before listening.  

September 19, 2021-Invited to the Banquet

There's a banquet prepared for the family of God.  The host is Jesus and it is the fabulous beginning to eternal peace.  Are you invited to the banquet?  Of course! It is an invitation to join Christ as His child for eternity.  Have you accepted Christ's invitation to walk with Him?  Accept His invitation to repentance and salvation through His death and resurrection!  Accept Jesus Christ as your Savior and Lord so you may sit with His people at His eternal throne.  Want to know more about Christ's invitation.  Learn more in this morning's sermon, "Invited to the Banquet."  

Please review Luke14: 12-24 before listening.  


September 12, 2021- Him We Proclaim

Christ provides His people with undershepherds.  

What should we expect from those who shepherd us on God's behalf?  How does God prepare them to lead?  How does God work through them to guide the body?  What should the life and ministry of a truly Godly, Spirit-led leader reflect? 

Let's learn more about God's plan for His undershepherds and, through them, their impact on His people in this week's sermon, "He, We Proclaim."  Let's welcome our new pastor,  Joshua Christoffels, and his family as he preaches his first sermon to the congregation. 

Please review Colossians 1:24-29 before listening.  

September 05, 2021-An Ordinary Ministry

As believers, we often learn about what a life dedicated to Christ looks like.  But as our spiritual leader, what should we expect from our pastor?  What should his life look like?  What is his responsibility to God, the congregation and the surrounding community?  What is our responsibility to him and the other spiritual leaders God has placed in our lives to care for us?  

Let's welcome Pastor LeRoy Christoffels (Pastor Josh’s father) as he helps us understand “An Ordinary Ministry.” 

Please review II Timothy 3:10-4:8 before listening.


August 29th, 2021-The Cost

What does God mean by being a disciple of Christ?  How does one become a disciple of Christ and what does true discipleship look like in the life of the believer?  Learn more about the cost of following Jesus in this week's sermon, "The Cost."  We welcome Ryan Buikema and his family as he helps us examine and identify what a life dedicated to walking with Jesus looks like.  

Please prayerfully review Luke 14:25-33 before listening.  

August 22nd, 2021-Accommodations?

We are in a changing world with new trends, ideas, and philosophies rising and falling every day. How do we address these changes as believers? How do we share God's word and reflect His character in an ever-evolving universe?

Learn more about God's view on Methodology versus Message in this week's sermon, "Accommodation?"

Please review I Corinthians 9:19-23 and Romans 12:1-2 before listening.

August 8, 2021-"Help My Unbelief"

Faith. What is it, really? What does it feel like? Is it a feeling at all? Could feeling have nothing to do with faith? Could faith be a choice?

Join us today as we welcome old and cherished friends, Pastor James Kostelyk and his family as we explore the origin of our faith and who sustains us in this week's sermon, "Help My Unbelief."

Please review Mark 9:14-27 before listening.

August 1, 2021-Elected into Exile: Making our way in the World

Have you ever thought of yourself as an exile, even in the place in which you were born?  As believers, we have been made new.  In Christ, we become citizens of heaven.  We are a holy priesthood; a royal nation and in Christ, the world is not our home.  So how do we live as exiles in this world without becoming of it in our behavior, goals, and plans?  How do we serve God and our community for God's glory rather than our own?  

Please welcome Pastor Boss and his wife, who are missionaries to Oman, as he preaches more about the life of an exile in their own country in this week's sermon, "Elected into Exile: Making Our Way in the World."  Please review Mark 7: 1-37 before listening.  

July 18th, 2021-John Bunyan's Favorite Text

Have you heard of John Bunyan?  He is not Paul Bunyan, the mystical strong man.  He is the writer of several Christian books, including Pilgrim's Progress, thought to be the first novel ever written and certainly an allegory, clearly laying out the ups and down of a believer's walk with Christ.  

What kind of God do we serve?  Who is Jesus and what makes Him one we can trust? 

 Let's welcome back Pastor Don Jabaay and his wife, June, as he teaches us more about the character of Christ in this week's sermon, "John Bunyan's Favorite Text."  Please review John 6:30-40 before listening.  

July 4th, 2021-Where Is Our Hope

July 4th is the day we remember our nation's independence.  How bountiful Christ has been to American citizens, allowing us freedoms and opportunities unheard of in other parts of the world.  Yet, as in this entire world, our nation is broken and its citizens are sinful, sorrowful, and lost.  As believers in Jesus Christ, where is our hope?  In whom does our trust lie?

Let us welcome visiting Pastor Toeset and his family as he challenges us with this morning's sermon, "Where is Our Hope."  Please review Psalm 33 before listening.  

June 27th, 2021-God's Pain

Our God is holy.  Without Christ, we are not.  We can become holy by our own might, wisdom or choice.  It is Christ's death and resurrection that opens the door to stand before the throne of our sovereign, holy God.  But how did this door open to such wretches as we are?  The opening began with God's pain.  God's hatred of sin and His love for us is where our salvation began.  Learn more about God's patient jealousy and His quest for our souls in this week's sermon, God's Pain.

Please review Hebrews 10: 1-18 before listening.  

June 13th, 2021-Why the Bible?

The Bible is a unique book.  It was written over multiple centuries by different writers with diverse backgrounds, in various languages.  It features a variety of themes and genres culminating in a powerfully all-encompassing prophecy.  Yet, the bible is about one person only; Jesus Christ.  Whether in prophetic musings, historical remembrances, joyous poetry, or letters of encouragement, the entire Bible points to the work of Jesus, Lord, and Savior.  

Believers who long to know Jesus better, grow closer to Him, and reflect His image can only do so when they seek His face through His word.  That was His plan and he spoke deeply through it.

Why did God choose the Bible to speak through?  Why should we choose it to learn about Him and know Him better?

Please welcome our returning guest pastor, Ryan Buikema, and his family as he takes us through the reasons we can trust God's word,  the Holy Bible.  Please review I Peter 3:15-16 before listening  


June 6th, 2021-Why Jesus?

This world offers many religions, belief systems, and philosophies.  All of them promise things we might think will raise us higher, change our lives, and makes us more acceptable to God.  Why, then, would anyone choose Jesus?  What makes Jesus different from all other prophets, gods, priests, and kings?  What makes Christ's way different from humanism, agnosticism, or atheism?  What makes being a Christian different from Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, or any other religion?  

Join us in today's sermon in asking the question, "Why Jesus?"  This is the first of a two part series taught by Pastor Ryan Buikema.  Let's welcome him and his family as he brings this message to us this morning.

Please review I Peter 3:15-16 before listening.  

May 30th, 2021-Loving God by Following Jesus

As with the church at Ephesus, many of us can lay claim to a busy life. We stand for this or that conviction, work in community ministries, try to keep our souls clean swept, and shiny bright and focus on honoring God from our bowed heads to our "ready for action" toes. Is that what Jesus wants from His people? Of course, our salvation should show in our choices, behaviors, convictions, and concerns. But is that why Jesus saved us, to have a line of moralists goose-stepping with holy rhetoric locked and loaded?

We were made to praise the Lord. But we sinned and turned our backs on Him. Instead of wiping us from the face of the earth, He sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins so, in repentance and acceptance of Christ as our savior, we could be in fellowship once again. Jesus saved us, so we could walk in communion with Him. Everything else flows from that relationship; that union with the Lover of our soul. Are we in love with Jesus? Are we growing in our understanding and appreciation for Him day by day? Does our view of the world, other people, and their value to Him expand as we draw nearer to His heart?

Let's welcome our guest pastor, Dan Hendon, and his family from Riverside Reformed Church and open our hearts to God's whispering voice as we dig into Revelations 2:1-7. Our sermon this week is "Loving God by Following Jesus." This is part one of a two-part series, Our Purpose. Please review Revelations 2:1-7 before listening.

May 23rd, 2021-God's Response to Job

We often hear people say, "I speak to God." But are we listening?

Suffering has many purposes in the lives of His people. It gets our attention, refines our character and draws us nearer to the only true source of life and contentment, Jesus Christ. How do we cross that bridge from living in our pain to the renewing of our mind? Listening.

When we are in pain, we do a lot of talking, asking, challenging and begging. But how quiet are we before the throne of a sovereign God? Do we tell God what to do like a Genie in a bottle or do we wait upon the Lord to comfort and lead us through the valleys of the shadow of death?

God's word is His voice. Can we seek His wisdom when our minds are filled with chatter? Can we rest in His promise and better know His character when we blather before Him with our own solutions and directions?

Let's learn more about how listening to God impacts a life of suffering to His glory rather than our earthly, temporal desires in this week's sermon, God's Response to Job.

Our visiting pastor is James Kostelyk who comes with his life Paige and son, Theodore (Teddy). Let us welcome his family and God's word through his preaching.


May 16th, 2021-Ruth and Redemption

What is a Kinsmen-Redeemer?  Why is this person important in the life of Ruth and Naomi and for our eternal future today?  When Naomi, her husband, and two sons were looking for a better life.  When Ruth and Naomi, her mother-in-law returned to the land of Naomi's birth, they had lost everything.     As far as anyone could tell, their losses left them destitute.  That was not God's point of view.  God had a plan and that plan lay in a Kinsmen-Redeemer.  We also have a Kinsmen-Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  Our sin-filled life has left us destitute and without hope.  But Jesus is the light of our world.  He has redeemed us by the shedding of His blood for our sins.

Learn more about the story of Ruth, Naomi and how this ancient tale impacts us today.  This week's sermon is "Ruth and Redemption."  Please review Ruth 3 before listening.  

May 9th, 2021-In His Presence

God is Holy.  When we hear this, how does it strike us?  Do we think how alike He and we are?  Or do we realize how different we are from the living, all-powerful, all-knowing, sovereign Lord?  We say He is Almighty.  We say He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Yet do we live and breathe as if those facts are true to us?  Let's examine his word and learn more about what it is to be In His Presence.

Please review Isaiah 6:1-8 before listening.



April 25th, 2021-Keep the Word in Your Mouth

Today was Pastor Don’s farewell message to the congregation.   He left us with a challenge to “ Keep the Word in Your Mouth”. I know you will enjoy the message. Please review Joshua 1:1-9 before listening. May each of you have a blessed week.

April 18th, 2021-Race to Eternity

How are we running the race to Eternity, beloved?  I am not asking whether you are racing toward eternal salvation because attaining salvation is not due to our works, but God's grace.  We can not work our way into God's favor.  Rather, He opens our hearts to the only path to salvation; believing in Jesus Christ as our only means of salvation.  Therefore, for those who have been blessed to know Jesus and His great salvation by believing that He is alone our savior from sin, how are we growing more like our Savior? 

How are the challenges and difficulties God allows into our lives molding and recreating us to reflect the characteristics of our Lord and King?    Who do we look to when we seek images and life stories to lead us forward?  God has given us a cloud of witnesses within His word and in our own life stories to inspire and encourage us to move without fear and with strength in His holy name.  How bound are we to God's holy Word?  Does it dwell in our hearts richly to help us fight the mental battles which are so often the basis for our failings.  Are we in prayer before our loving Lord, chatting with and learning more about who He is and what His concerns are?  These are the parts of His armor to help us stand firm whether in soft gentle winds and against hurricane-force gales.  

Today's sermon, "Race to Eternity," discusses the support God provides to help us move forward to reflect His image.  Listen in to learn more.  Please review Hebrews 12:1-2 before listening.  

April 11th, 2021-Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple...

Brothers and sisters, as believers, what have we built our lives upon?  What is our foundation?  Are we floundering in the shifting sands of social standards, political persuasions, or our own personal safeguards?  Or are we grounded in the counter-cultural lifestyle of Christ's word and ways?  Is our focus on eternity with Christ or on our lives in this world?  This is a question we should always be asking as we daily enter a world that actively stands against the ways of God.  Are we living to light the way to Christ or linking arms with the darkness, trying to live a half-life between Christ and the world?  

Let's examine our lives before Christ's throne with this week's sermon, "Here is the Church, Here is the Steeple..."   Let welcome our guest pastor, James Kostelyk, and his family.  Pastor Kostelyk is the son of our former pastor, John Kostelyk and in fact, grew up in our church.  Welcome to the Kostelyk family once again!

Please review I Peter 2:1-12 before listening...



April 4th, 2021-Walking to Emmaus with the Great Physician (Easter Sunday)

Jesus.  Name above all names.  He is the great physician and His healing hand works majesty and forever joy into our broken lives.  Have you met the Great Physician?  Has he healed your sin-sick soul?  Has he taken your heart of stone and through His death on the cross, turn your heart into a heart of flesh.  Check out this Easter Sunday's sermon, "Walking to Emmaus with the Great Physician."  

Please review Luke 24:13-35 before listening.  

April 2nd, 2021-The Crowd (Good Friday sermon)

Are you part of the mocking crowd?  Of course, you are.  We all are.  We are all sinners and before we knew Christ, we were enemies of the cross.  But because of Christ's sacrifice; because He died for our sins and rose from the grave that we may have eternal life, we are part of that crowd in love with Him.   As will those from every tribe, nation, and creed, we who were mockers will bow our knee to praise His name.  To which crowd to you belong?  Do you continue to mock the Lord of Lords and King of Kings or are you now a part of the body of Christ? Please listen to Good Friday's sermon, "The Crowd."  

March 28th, 2021-The Road to the Cross

Jesus' road to the cross is fraught with disappointment, distress and determination.  Christ was determined to provide the necessary sacrifice to redeem you and me.  Have you met the lover of your soul?  Have to given your life to Christ for the sacrifice He made for you?

Learn more about Jesus' decision to trust God's plan for His life and ours in this week's sermon, "The Road to the Cross."

March 21st, 2021-Restoration in the Garden

The word of God says Jesus makes all things new.  Are you relying on Him to fix your broken soul or are you running the race in your own feeble strength.  Every good thing is from the Lord, including making our heart of stone into a heart of flesh.  Learn morea bout God's restorative powers in this week's sermon, "Restoration in the Garden."

March 14th, 2021-Grace Shown in the Garden

As we continue our series, In The Garden, we follow Jesus as he faces arrest and further persecution. How does he react to his challengers and what does that teach us about reacting to those who may want to or have harmed us.

Check out Christ's conversations in this week's sermon, "Grace Shown in the Garden."

Please review Luke 11:29-32 and 22:47-54

March 7th, 2021-God's Protection for His Own
February 21, 2021-Jesus was Intentional

In our new series, “In the Garden,” we will explore Jesus's life, plans, personality and focus on His way to the cross.  He is our Savior and Lord, and we will learn more about how He lived and died for us.  Our first sermon, Jesus was Intentional, explores how he purposefully laid the groundwork that accentuated God's glory and confirmed His identity as the Messiah as prophesied in the Old Testament.  

Please review  Luke 9:52 and Mark 10: 32-34 before listening.  

February 14th, 2021-The Gifts Given by God

Our God is such a gracious God and His love is everlasting. God gives His people spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities to honor His name and care for each other.  For those who believe they have nothing to offer, this is simply untrue.

Learn more about gifts God has given every believer in the final sermon in our series, "Tenting With God", The Gifts Given by God.

Please review Exodus 31:1-11 before listening.

January 24, 2021-The Altar of Incense
January 17, 2021-Why Worship God as He Commands
January 10, 2021-The Priesthood of the Lord
January 3, 2021- A Tale that is Told
December 27th, 2020-The King of Kings

We continue in our Messiah series with today's sermon, "The King of Kings."   Jesus is King.  He will return in all majesty, glory and honor for those who belong to Him.  Are you ready to greet Jesus upon His return?  Have your repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?  Are you following Christ today?  Be very sure of where you stand because this is the time to respond to Christ's fervent call.

The King has come.  Are you among those who can call His name as Lord, High Priest, brother and friend?  Please review Matthew 1:18-25 and Revelations 19 before listening.

December 20th, 2020-Glory to God, Part II

The Messiah has come.  He has risen....indeed.  The birth of Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of God's prophetic word that He would send a Savior to die for our sins.  This Savior died for all sins and all sinners.  Whether Jews or Gentiles, Christ's good news is universal.  Anyone who accepts Christ's death on the cross as payment for their sins is saved.  The message is universal but the choice is individual.   Repentance and turning to follow Jesus is personal.  Each person must make a choice for Christ or not.  

Have you made the decision to follow Jesus?  Have you repented of your sins and accepted Jesus Christ as your only Lord and Savior?  Turn to follow Jesus Christ today.  He is the way, the truth and the life.  Choose to move from eternal darkness to everlasting life today!  Listen in as we talk more about Christ's gracious gift in this week's sermon, "Glory to God, Part II."

Please review Luke 2 before listening.

December 13th, 2020-Prince of Peace

Have you ever struggled to be at peace?  Just to rest and not be bothered by anxieties, fears, and doubts.  This year has been overwhelmingly stressful.  Catastrophic weather systems, a worldwide pandemic, people running through the streets, divisive political battles, unemployment at new heights, and businesses crashing to the ground.  What can we hold onto?  Where is our cleft in the rock?

Let's talk about Jesus, the prince of peace.  His peace is not like the world's.  His peace is eternal and based on our relationship with Him.  Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ.  He is the only one who can save our souls from eternal darkness.  He is the only one who can lead us through this uncertain life with joy, encouragement, and peace.  

Let's learn more about Jesus, King of kings, Lord of lords, and the prince of peace.  

Please review Isaiah 9: 1-6 before listening.  

December 6th, 2020-The Glory of God

Welcome to our Advent season sermon series, The Messiah." Our series is based on selected bible verses and enhanced by the music of George Frederick Handel's Messiah. Join us for the next five weeks as we unfold God's great plan to bless the world with the coming, life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Our first sermon, "The Glory of God," focuses on the prophecies that pointed to the Messiah's ministry, mission, and his impact on the entire world.

Please review Isaiah 40 before listening.

November 29th, 2020-Personal Providence

Did you know that God has plans for you personally?  He sees and cares for you as an individual and calls you to His side through the blood of Jesus Christ.  Listen for His voice.  Seek Him when He may be found.  Because there is no other God and His salvation is for all who would repent and follow Jesus Christ.  He is the provider, creator, father, and friend.  Let's learn more about this gracious God in this week's sermon, "Personal Providence."

Please review Psalm 145:9-21 before listening.  

November 22nd, 2020-The Altar of Bronze

Our God is a God of Love but that's not all.  God has many characteristics.  One is love.  A few of the others include holiness, forgiveness, grace, and mercy.  That list is just the tip of the iceberg.  However, when we read through God's word, the word most often used to describe God is the God of Holiness.  Holiness means set apart.  God is holy, and He has a right to expect his creation, human beings to reflect Him. 

Because of our sin, we are not naturally holy.  We do not meet God's standards for obedience.  We are rightfully hell-bound because we are born with a sinful nature, and we choose to act upon this nature every day.  This is where the God of love intervenes.  Because God loves us, He has a solution.  His solution to our sinfulness is Jesus Christ.  Jesus died for our sin and rose again to give us eternal life with God.  If we repent of our sins and turn to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord, we are made holy through Christ's sacrifice.  We are made holy by the shedding of Christ's blood. 

Learn more about the Old Testament image of God's holiness in this week's sermon, "Altar of Bronze."  

Please review Exodus 27:1-8 before listening.

November 8th, 2020-The Lampstand of Gold

Did you know that the emblem of modern-day Israel is the Golden Lampstand honoring God as the Light of the World?  Why is God the light of the world?  Why should we submit our lives to Him as our light; the one we call Savior and King?   Let's learn more about God's images of Himself as the Israelites built His tabernacle in this week's sermon, "The Lampstand of Gold."

Please review Exodus 25:31-40 and 27:20-21 before listening.

November 1st, 2020-The Table with Bread

Did you know that when Jesus returns, there will be a great feast to celebrate our being present with Him and the completion of His work? We will forever be before His throne and sit at His feet for eternity.

In Exodus, God uses the table of Showbread in His tabernacle to remind the Israelites of His constant presence. After Christ came and died for our sins, God is now present in the hearts of every believer as a guarantee of His promise that we are forever His.

Learn more about the connection between the Old Testament table and God's presence with us today in this week's sermon, "The Table with Bread."

Please review Exodus 25:23-30 before listening.

October 25, 2020- The Ark of the Covenant

God Almighty is everywhere. He is the All in All. Why then would He ask the newly freed Israelites to make Him an Ark to represent His presence? Could it be He wanted His people to be assured of His continuous oversight and interest? Could it have been a reminder that His holiness was to be their constant consideration? Could it represent His eternal love for His people?

Learn more about this Ark in this week's sermon, The Ark of the Covenant.

Please review Exodus 25:10-22 before listening.

October 18, 2020-A Tent in the Wilderness

God wants to be known by His people.  He deserves and arranged to be in the midst of those He loves and has chosen.  In the Old Testament, He called His people, Israel, to build a tabernacle in the middle of their encampment so that God could "tabernacle" or reside in the midst of them.  

Today, because of Jesus, God "tabernacles" within the hearts of those who follow Jesus Christ.  He is able to do this because through the blood of Christ, we have been made holy.  The Holy Spirit can and does therefore reside within the believer and sits on the throne of our lives to guide, care for and direct us according to His glory. Do you know Jesus?  Are you a follower and a lover of Jesus Christ?  If you are, Christ "tabernacles" with you and will throughout eternity.  Learn more about God's "tenting" with His people in today's sermon, "A Tent in the Wilderness."  Please review Exodus 25:8-9 before listening.

October 11, 2020-Giving for the Tabernacle

The blessing of being a believer is that we can give of what God has given us.  What God has given us is everything we are, have, will have and will be.  We can afford to give some of the great riches God has given us.  But do we have a right perspective of what we have?  Do we trust God to care for us?  Do we think what we have is ours or do we believe the truth of His word, that we are stewards, entrusted with His riches to honor His name?  

Learn more about God's resources and how we are to seek His will regarding them in this week's sermon, "Giving for the Tabernacle."  Review Exodus 25:1-7 before listening.  

October 4, 2020- A House for God

Why did God want the Israelites to build a temple for Him?  God has cattle on a thousand hills.  He owns the universe and heavens.  Every star was made by His own hand. 

His reason for having Israel built a temple was to symbolize His eternal presence among them.  He promised to dwell among them and wanted a structure in the center of their camp that gave them just a taste of His magnificence.  

Learn more about God's temple in this week's sermon, "A House for God."  Please review Exodus 25 before listening.

September 27, 2020-The Cross Speaks

What is the purpose of Communion?  Why does Jesus consider this remembrance so important?  Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant, bringing those who follow Him into the throne of the living God.  Jesus wants us to understand all that He has done in dying for our sins and rising again.  Learn more about Communion and what we are really being called to remember in this week's sermon, "The Cross Speaks."

Please review to Hebrews 12:22-24 before listening.  

September 20, 2020-Peter's Confession of Faith

There are a lot of ideas about who Jesus is.  Some say he is a good man.  Some believe he is one of the prophets.  Many herald him as a great humanitarian.  Others called him crazy.  We have a lot of ideas about Jesus but who is He really?  Who does the bible, God's own word, say Jesus is?  Do we believe in the biblical Jesus Christ?  What does it mean if we do or don't? 

Let's dive into that question in today's sermon, "Peter's Confession of Faith."  Please review Matthew 16:13-20 before listening.

September 13, 2020-Get Rid of the Yeast

In Christ, we are made holy through His blood. God sees us as redeemed and calls us to Himself as His own. Yet, we still struggle with sin. God is committed to recreating us in the image of His son. To this end, He first shows us our sin then works in us to change our minds about it.

Has God shown you an area of sin He wants to work on? What has been your response? It is not God's way to give up so once He has opened our eyes, He will continue to point out what can not remain as part of a believer's way of life.

Learn more about the yeast in our lives and how God combats it in today's sermon, "Get Rid of the Yeast."

September 6, 2020-I believe in the Resurrection and the Life Everlasting

Eternity.  Do you believe in it?  Most people have an idea of an 'afterlife' but is every opinion equal.  Can every view of heaven be true?   The bible says that eternal life is only accessible by repenting of our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as our savior from the consequences of our sin.  That consequence is hell, including eternal separation from God the father. 

Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again to join God the father in heaven.  Only through Christ's sacrifice, can God accept us.  Do you believe that?  

Let's learn more about Christ's death, resurrection and the eternal life His death provides in this week's sermon, "I believe in the Resurrection and the Life Eternal.  Please review I Corinthians 15:42-54 before listening.  

August 30, 2020-I believe in the Forgiveness of Sins

God's offer of forgiveness through Jesus Christ may seem easy to accept but it was never easy to provide. 

Jesus, 100% God, left heaven, a place of perfection, glory and holiness to become 100% man as well.  He was born, grew up and lived in a sinful world, experienced human difficulties and struggles.  He then paid for our sins by dying on the cross in our place.  God's forgiveness may seem so simple to receive but it was never simple to provide.

We continue in our series "What Must a Christian Believe" with this week's sermon, "I believe in the Forgiveness of Sins" and learn more. 

Please review Psalm 103: 1-4; 8-12 before listening.  

August 23, 2020-I Believe a Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints

As Christ's children, we are not called to walk alone.  We called to walk with Jesus and His body.  The body of Christ are believers who have also been called to praise, honor and serve Jesus, mind, body and soul.  The local body of Christ as well as believers all over the world are our family; redeemed to walk in unity, loving, caring, encouraging and uplifting each other in this battle against evil and for the glory of God.

Learn more about God's purposes and plans for His bride, the family of God in this week's sermon, “I Believe a Holy Catholic Church, the communion of Saints.”  Please review John 10:14-16, 27-30 before listening.  

August 16, 2020-I believe in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, that still, small voice who wields power like a mighty wind.  When we come to Christ, the Holy Spirit moves into our souls.  He is the third person of the Godhead, equal in authority with God the Father and Jesus Christ.  He convicts our souls of sin.  He guides us through the Scriptures, opening our minds to God's truth.  Yet He is the one we generally know the least about.  What exactly is the Holy Spirit's ministry?  What are His character and concerns?  Just who is this Holy Spirit and how does He relate to the believing heart?

Learn more about the Holy Spirit in our sermon this week, “I believe in the Holy Spirit.”