Hammond Christian Reformed Church

Please Pray with Us

Prayer List- Week of August 11th, 2019:


“It is good to wait for the salvation of the LORD” ~ Lamentations 3:26

Prayers of Comfort, Healing, Strength, Peace

Linda Demantes|Her brother Skip is w/the Lord- comfort prayers for Family

Marge Kroush|Staying at Cedar Creek, health much better-Pray for upcoming valve replacement & healing.

Bill Demantes|8/4-artery was opened – continue to pray for healing.

JoAnne O’Rourke|8/14-returning home-getting out of bed with a walker-appreciates all of the prayers. Continue to pray for healing.

Paige & James Kostelyk|Theodore was born 2 wks ago (preemie)pray for growth.

Jack Hollis|Pray for continued healing

Terri O-P|Son Tom-MMN: rare immune disorder of motor nerves-pray for strength.                                                                                                             

David Nederhood|Pray recovery therapy goes well(Dr Joel & Mrs N)

Rhonda Warren|Skyler had surgery. Pray for continued Healing

Home Bound- Pray for strength, protection from falling, healing

Harold Broertjes|Suffering from weakness-pray for strength

John Hawkins-home-home care-improving-Pray for continued healing

Jerry McClurg|Keep both Velma & Jerry in your prayers.

Prayers of Endurance, Healing & Patience

Janet Laballiere|Pray the Lord provides                                                                   


People to Pray for this wk:                                                                                     

  • Jim C   
  • Julio D   
  • Tammy A  
  • Pat L                                                                               

Members & friends of our congregation: please pray for the Renewal Team as we meet regularly with Coach Pastor Fred D  Raise our plans up in your prayers for the pace & partnerships for this year’s outreach events, service & spiritual conversations.                                                                                                                                                                                        

Family – Bobbie & Jack-pray for guidance as their house sale did not go through-seller wanted more money than the house was appraised for.  Pray God leads them to their new home.

Our Missionaries: Pray for Jeff, Melissa B &family as they return to work with RGM.