Hammond Christian Reformed Church

Please Pray with Us

Prayer List- Week of September 16th,  2018


“The Lord Is My Strength And My Shield.”  ~Psalm 28:7


Prayers of Comfort, Healing, Strength, Peace

Beth M.|Larry her dad had a Pet Scan Fri. Mon 9/17 he sees an oncologist – he a nodule in his lung, a sm mass in his stomach & at the top of his bladder. Pray for wisdom & peace. Beth’s dad is ok & not. The family has mixed emotions – pls keep Larry, Beth & Family in prayer.

Roger G.|Carolyn his wife asked for prayers for Roger for healing as he had a stint placed in his Right Coronary Artery. He is home feeling blessed as he listened to his body.

Ashley F.|Father in-law, Jose Sr. was seriously injured by a truck while on his motorcycle on 9/11-he was airlifted to University of Chgo. Where he had surgery. Pls pray for he & the family. Do not post on Facebook. T.Y. Sandy.

Jo O.|Tom P., Jo’s grandson had an appt.on 9/12 w/tests for ALS/Autoimmune Disease which are non-reversable. Jo is praying for a miracle that he has something treatable. Keep praying. Jo.

Penny D & Marge K|Howard’s cancer is painful pray for relief.    

Marge K|Continue to pray for healing for her eyes.

Dan & Penny D.|Pray for healing, strength & all of Dan’s needs to be met.

David N.|Pray David’s colon heals, to swallow so he can eat w/o a feeding tube. Also, pray he grows closer to God. (Son of Dr. Joel & Mrs  N. is in a rehab center in Omaha, NE.)



Prayers of Endurance, Healing & Patience  

Lynn F.|Lynn has a swollen gland/lympnode-pray it’s not cancer.

Rich C.|Pray for spinal pain relief

John H.|Pray for strength & uplifted spirits.                                                           

Janet L.|Pray M. S., spine to improve, strength & Pain relief.


People of H.C.R.C to Pray for this week                                                                                  

  • Maurice V.         
  • Dan W.          
  • Rhonda W.        
  • Karen B.                                                                                                        

HCRC members-Pray for our Renewal Team daily as we meet with Coach Pastor F D. Pray as we cast a vision for outreach for our community in Jesus Name.                                                                               

Bos Family ~ in Missions -Pray all is well with school & Jeff’s work w/ religious leaders, faith communities & networks working  w/RGM.


Hurricane & Typhoon Season - pray as new storms form. Hurricane Florence is fierce. Pray the storm ends soon. Also, pray for China & the Philippines as they bear down to be hit by a typhoon.