Hammond Christian Reformed Church

Please Pray with Us

Prayer List- Week of February 17th, 2019:


“I will sacrifice with shouts of Joy, I will sing and make music to the LORD” ~Psalm 27:6


Prayers of Comfort, Healing, Strength, Peace

Carl R|in St Cathrine’s Hosp. for 10-14 days. Pray for healing

Beth M|Larry|pray for healing.

Debbie O| Tues having surgery; pray all goes well. Also pray God lends His helping hand in Debbie & her children’s lives by doing His will. Tom was diagnosed with (PTS) severe pain, weakness, & numbness. Nerve inflammation is a hallmark sign of the disorder.

Ken L|continue to pray for complete healing.

Ash Fig|F-I-L, Jose Sr. Pray for peace, wisdom and healing for Jose.

Jo O.| (Lucy) Grace Dunbar-in Munster Med Inn Rm 410. Refuses Meds & Tests. Doc gave her 4-6 wks – pray for Grace & family.

Kathy C|asks that we pray for her sister & B-I-L Scott W. As some masses are in his colon & ask us to pray no cancer is found. Pray for peace of mind for them, as well, as they wait for a diagnosis.

Penny D & Marge K|Howard’s cancer is painful - pray for relief.    

Marge K Family|Pray for Tom-healing  as he has esophageal Cancer.

Dan & Penny D|Pray for healing, strength & all of Dan’s needs are met.

David N|Pray David adjusts to Winning Wheels in Prophetstown, IL   and his recovery to come quickly during his therapy.(Son of Dr. Joel & Mrs Nederhood)


Prayers of Endurance, Healing & Patience  

Rich C|Pray: healing for his shoulder, & spinal pain relief

Lynn F|Thyroid is shrinking-pray for complete healing.

John H|Pray for strength & uplifted spirits.                                                           

Janet L|Pray M.S., spine to improve, strength & Pain relief, also an affordable place to live-and bank honors her rental lease for her renters to it’s end.


People of H.C.R.C to Pray for this week

  1. Jerry M.           
  2. Jonathon V.              
  3. Emily D.            
  4. Anita G.


Members & friends of our congregation: please pray for the Renewal Team


Jeff’s Family ~ Missions -Pray all is well with school & Jeff’s work w/ religious leaders, faith communities & networks in w/RGM.