Hammond Christian Reformed Church

Please Pray with Us

Prayer List- Week of April 15th, 2018


Our God, the Great, Mighty and Awesome God.” ~Nehemiah 9:32


Prayers of Comfort, Healing, Strength, Peace                                                                                                            

Sandy S.|back injury with spasms and difficulty walking. Pray for pain relief and healing.

Hazel’s Family|Pray for comfort and healing.

Bart & Beth M.| Our  Brother  Bart has ulcers at the top & lower part of his foot with purple spots on remaining toes. The dr will not treat an                 un-open soar. Pray for healing. Restraint for Beth as she is upset.  Keep praying for health improvements. 

Danny & Penny D.|pray for strength for Danny & for all needs met.

Emily D.|Was in church last Sun feeling better|pray for continued healing.

L. Family|Pray for comfort & healing for Bill &their children (Adam, Rachel, & Noah) and for the whole family. Thank You - Ken & Barbara.

David N..|Son of Mr.& Mrs N.|David is making good progress in his P.T. He has a long way to go to recovery-please keep praying for David for healing from his injuries.


Prayers of Endurance, Healing & Patience                                                                                                              

Jerry and Velma M.|Pray for healing for both Jerry & Velma.

Debbie O.|CRPS|pray for pain relief, God’s leading, healing, &   a good job lead.                                                                                                                   

John H.| pray for strength & uplifted spirits.                                                          

Janet L.|Pray MS to be gd., eyes focused, alert, + God leading                                          


People of H.C.R.C to Pray for this week                                                                                                                                           

Jim C.     

Randy C.

Lynn F.  

Pennie K.l          


HCRC members are asked to pray daily for  our   Renewal  Team   as  we meet  w/Coach Pastor D.  to  determine  God’s  will  for our future ministry.   As  we gaze into the future as a church – some members will      be asked  to help as new opportunities and challenges are presented.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Jeff B. ~ is  teaching  the Other Religions Course  at Calvin Spring Seminary – Pray Jeff and the students have a rich learning experience together.   Also be in prayer as Jeff, Missy and their children prepare for their next assignment with Missions.              


Leaders-God  tells  us  to  be  in  prayer  for  leaders over  us. As  a Congregation & Friends-let’s pray our President is filled w/wisdom + integrity of Christ, while working w/people in the USA + nations of the world.


World ~ Keep Syria in prayer with US Military and other countries striking in response to the April 7 poison gas strikes in that country.