Hammond Christian Reformed Church

Please Pray with Us

Prayer List- Week of December 16th,  2018:



I will sacrifice with shouts of Joy, I will sing and make music to the LORD” ~Psalm 27:6


Prayers of Comfort, Healing, Strength, Peace

Carl R|in St Cathrine’s Hosp. for 10-14 days. Pray for healing

Beth M|Larry|pray for healing.

Debbie O| Tues having surgery; pray all goes well. Also pray God lends His helping hand in Debbie & her children’s lives by doing His will. Tom was diagnosed with (PTS) severe pain, weakness, & numbness. Nerve inflammation is a hallmark sign of the disorder.

Ken L|continue to pray for complete healing.

Ash Fig|F-I-L, Jose Sr. Pray for peace, wisdom and healing for Jose.

Jo O.| (Lucy) Grace Dunbar-in Munster Med Inn Rm 410. Refuses Meds & Tests. Doc gave her 4-6 wks – pray for Grace & family.

Kathy C|asks that we pray for her sister & B-I-L Scott W. As some masses are in his colon & ask us to pray no cancer is found. Pray for peace of mind for them, as well, as they wait for a diagnosis.

Penny D & Marge K|Howard’s cancer is painful - pray for relief.    

Marge K Family|Pray for Tom-healing  as he has esophageal Cancer.

Dan & Penny D|Pray for healing, strength & all of Dan’s needs are met.

David N|Pray David adjusts to Winning Wheels in Prophetstown, IL   and his recovery to come quickly during his therapy.(Son of Dr. Joel & Mrs Nederhood)


Prayers of Endurance, Healing & Patience  

Rich C|Pray: healing for his shoulder, & spinal pain relief

Lynn F|Thyroid is shrinking-pray for complete healing.

John H|Pray for strength & uplifted spirits.                                                          

Janet L|Pray M.S., spine to improve, strength & Pain relief, also an affordable place to live-and bank honors her rental lease for her renters to it’s end.


People of H.C.R.C to Pray for this week

  • Jerry M.           
  • Jonathon V.              
  • Emily D.            
  • Anita G.


Members & friends of our congregation: please pray for the Renewal Team


Jeff’s Family ~ Missions -Pray all is well with school & Jeff’s work w/ religious leaders, faith communities & networks in w/RGM.