Hammond Christian Reformed Church

Please Pray with Us

Prayer List- Week of July 15th, 2018


Pray & Don’t Give Up” NIRV ~Luke 18:1


Prayers of Comfort, Healing, Strength, Peace

Marian D.|Is not eating, and can barely communicate.  Pray God will bless Marian as her life transitions from earth to heaven.  Also, pray for Jim and the family.

Dan, Barb W & M Family|Comfort & healing.                                                                                                         

Penny D & Marge K|Howard D’s cancer is causing him pain-continue praying for his pain to ease & wisdom on the next step.  (Penny’s Father-In-Law|Marge’s Brother-In-Law)

Dan & Penny D|Continue to pray for healing and strength for Dan         & for all needs to be met.

David N|David is on a feeding tube-pray his spirits are lifted, and for his writing and swallowing abilities to improve.   (Son of Dr. Joel & Mrs Joel N in a rehab center in Omaha, NE.)


Prayers of Endurance, Healing & Patience  

Rich C|Pray severe spinal pain lessens – pray for relief.                                                                                                            

Jerry and Velma McC|Continue to pray for healing for Jerry & Velma.

Debbie O|CRPS|pray for pain relief, God’s healing.                                                                                                                   

John H|Pray for strength & uplifted spirits.                                                          

Janet L|For Janet’s spine & other symptoms of M.S. to improve & pray for strength and pain relief.


People of H.C.R.C to Pray for this week                                                                             

  • Mike D.             
  • Brandon F                 
  • Beth M             
  • Agnes V


HCRC members are asked to pray daily for our  Renewal  Team   as  we meet  w/Coach Pastor DeJong  to  determine  God’s  will  for our future ministry.   As  we gaze into the future as a church – some members will      be asked  to help as new opportunities and challenges are presented.


Bos Family ~ Jeff, Missy & their children will be moving to Oregon for the summer.  Before departure August 17th there are many decisions to make & packing before departing to Oman for their next assignment with Resonate Global Missions


Leaders-God  tells  us  to  be  in  prayer  for  leaders over  us. As  a Congregation & Friends-let’s pray our President is filled w/wisdom and integrity of Christ, while working w/people in the USA & other  nations.


Yesterday we engaged in a Community Event Block Picnic with The Boulevard North Apartments to meet our neighbors and enjoy a fun time and fellowship with them. Please keep those that came to the block picnic in prayer that they might feel open to attend church with us on Sundays here at Hammond Christian Reformed Church.